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[Traité] BLORDANY - (Hack abuse in bg)

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Date : 11/07/2019


Pseudo Discord :  BLORDANY 


Raison du bannissement : Banned for lagging!


Explications :


Well, just some time ago today i got my account suspended for a whole month! which said it was because i had used some type of hack in bg which i'd guess the GM responsible for the action thaught it was tp hack. While in fact i was just lagging the whole time so i kept running around in the bg waiting for things to get back again (ps: i am used to lags since i use my mobile data), thus sometimes i stay stuck in lag for minutes straight.. 
I ask you to please reconsider your decision which i understand it could be a misjusdment from the GM, still it's realy unfair for me especially that since i've started playing here in 2012 I've had no history of suspension/ban of my account due to Hack-related causes, i have never used it nor do i even know how to use it... thanks for understanding and i'm hopping to get a positive response.


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you are in the wrong section of the forum and on the wrong forum, please make a new message on the English forum, not French.

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